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Watch As Tom Brady Throws The Lombardi Trophy To Gronk On Another Boat!

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium to win Super Bowl LV, the Bucs celebrated on boats in a waterway parade instead of the traditional winners’ parade, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During the parade, Tom Brady celebrated his seventh Super Bowl victory by tossing the Lombardi Trophy from his boat to another close by during the boat parade, with Gronk making the catch. As you can imagine, the public was immediately up in arms, with people saying stuff like, “OMG, what if he dropped it?!” and such.

Here’s the thing. As you can see, Brady is in rare form, clearly liquored up and having a good time. Since his strict training regime doesn’t include booze of any kind, it’s likely that he had a couple drinks that went straight to his head. So this probably wasn’t the greatest idea ever.

Since nothing happened, he probably got a text from management that said “Hey great job, and thanks for showing up at the parade. Love your new boat btw. You’re a great passer and all, but maybe next time just hand Gronk the trophy? LOL!”

In fact, in this clip, you can hear Tom Brady’s daughter eylling “Noooooo!!!” at her father when he was about to throw the trophy. Clearly, she’s wise beyond her years.

The following weekend, Saturday Night Live had some fun with this whole deal, having “drunk Tom Brady” (Beck Bennett) stop by Weekend Update to discuss his most recent Super Bowl win:

Months later, Tom Brady spoke with Good Morning America about the incident, and he tells co-host Michael Strahan that:

“There was not a lot going through my mind at that point. That was not smart for a couple of reasons. One is if we drop it, that’s a little bit of a problem.”

“But the worst thing that could happen is the edges on that trophy are so sharp and had those things clipped one of my boys on the other boat, it would have been an ugly, ugly parade,” he added.

Like the say, all’s well that ends well!

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